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Chicago Cubs Season Ticket Holders Mission Statement

The Chicago Cubs' singular goal is to reward generations of Cubs fans' support and loyalty with a World Championship. Our players, coaches, staff and employees are dedicated to achieving this goal and make the following commitments to Cubs' fans and business partners:

  • To play championship baseball with players whose performance on and off the field reflect the character of the Cubs organization and the City of Chicago.
  • To preserve the beauty, charm and traditions of Wrigley Field, while enhancing the fan experience and keeping the ballpark competitive.
  • To be a creative and responsive business partner for our sponsors, affiliates and media partners.
  • To market the ball club to our worldwide fan base and reflect through our organizational hiring, the diverse nature of our business and fans.
  • To work with our neighbors to keep Wrigleyville an extraordinary and friendly place to conduct business and live.
  • To be active participants in and contribute positively to the City of Chicago and those in our community.