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Fundraising at the Park

Knock your organization's fundraising goals out of the park!

Each year Delaware North Sportservice donates over $1,000,000 to non-profit organizations in the greater Cleveland area that participate in our fundraising program.

The Cleveland Indians / Delaware North Sportservice team is looking for spirited, service-oriented volunteer groups to provide first-class guest service in our concession stands. If you are, or know of, a church group, school or other charitable not-for-profit organization interested in earning funds, please contact us.

To learn how Partnering non-profit organizations with a minimum of 10 volunteers working 12 events can earn more than $6,000, view our program information and frequently asked questions.

We hope you consider this opportunity to partner with Delaware North Sportservice to provide funds for your non-profit organization. Join the team behind the team serving millions of fans each year!

Delaware North Sportservice Has Donated Over $1,000,000 to Northeast Ohio Charities

Some of the groups that benefited by volunteering at Progressive Field:

  • Bonnye's Boosters
  • Collaboration Station
  • Ancient Order of Hibernians
  • LEC Volleyball
  • Major Care Ministries
  • Validity Sports
  • Western Reserve Society Boosters

Program Information

Delaware North Sportservice has partnered with the Cleveland Indians since 1994. Opportunities are available each season for non-profit groups to provide food and beverage service to our fans in exchange for a donation to their organization.

Groups vary in size and commitment level, but all are enthusiastic and committed to providing excellent guest service. We request a minimum commitment of 10 (or more) volunteers for a minimum of
12 events.

Groups will need to commit to an agreed upon number of dates per season. Groups must provide a W-9, proof of 501(c)3 status as well as certify they carry general liability insurance. All donation checks will be made to the organization name listed on the 501(c)3 form. 

Your organization provides the manpower
- Delaware North Sportservice will provide the tools you need to be successful - training, food supplies stocked in the location, uniform shirts and a supportive supervisory staff to answer your questions. 

Concession Volunteers

  • Must be 19 years of age
  • Group members work together in a concession stand selling hot dogs, beer, soda, nachos, etc.
  • The group is responsible for the safekeeping/controls of all cash and food and beverage inventory. Shortages will be deducted from donation.
  • The number of volunteers required to work in a stand varies from 8-15.
  • Volunteers begin to report 3.5 hours before event begins.
  • Groups who arrive with the required number of volunteers will be guaranteed a minimum donation based on the location (minus any cash and inventory shortages that may occur) or 10% of net sales, whichever is greater.
  • Each group is required to work at least 12 events throughout the regular baseball season.
  • Volunteers must attend all required training sessions including a 4-hour orientation session, alcohol service training and guest service training.
  • Uniform: Volunteers will need to provide their own black pants, belt, and comfortable closed toe and heel rubber-soled shoes. Sportservice will provide the uniform shirt and a startup inventory of hats.

For more information please call 216.420.4056 email or visit our website:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a W-9 Form/How do we get a W-9 Form?
The IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form, can be obtained on the website and should be completed using your organization's Tax Identification Number

2. What dates are available?
All 81 home games, as well as special events. Dates will be arranged in advance through our fundraising department. 

3. How do we qualify to volunteer at Progressive Field?
Each interested organization is required to certify they carry general liability insurance and submit a W-9 and copy of 501(c)3 status before a contract will be executed.
Delaware North may also request an in-person interview with the group leader/organizer. 

4. Do you train us how to operate the equipment? Does everyone need to attend the training class?
Yes, each group member will attend training sessions to adequately prepare them for the responsibilities of volunteering before they participate. Each member of the group must attend a four-hour orientation (This "In Stand" training includes equipment, inventory and cash register procedures), as well as alcohol awareness training and guest service training.  

5. How much can my group earn?
Donations typically vary depending upon attendance and sales. Sportservice guarantees a minimum donation of $65* per volunteer required per event or a contracted percentage of the net sales, whichever is greater*.

*All cash or inventory shortages that may occur will be deducted from the donation amount, organizations or groups must meet contract requirements. 

6. How many volunteers are needed per event?
There is a minimum of ten volunteers per event. More volunteers will qualify you for a larger stand and bigger earning potentia

7. What are the age requirements?
The minimum age is 19 years of age for Concession Stand Volunteers. Ohio State law requires all those pouring, selling, serving beer be 19 yoa or older. A limited number of participants may be 18 years of age to assist in food preparation. 

8. How many volunteer dates are required?
Each group must commit to a minimum of 12 events each season. Donations may increase or decrease based upon commitment. 


Contact Us

If you are interested in this opportunity with Delaware North and would like more information, please call 216.420.4056 email or visit our website: