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Group Benefits

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Inclusive Benefits

Inclusive benefits when you book your group outing at Progressive Field include:

Avoid Fees

Receive a discounted rate with no additional surcharges.

Scoreboard Message

Display a complimentary message on the out-of-town scoreboard during the game.

Digital Ticketing

Use the Ballpark App to manage your Tribe tickets with your phone.

Optional Benefits

Optional benefits available to add on to your group experience include:

Loaded Value

Added in $5 increments, Loaded Value can be built into each ticket cost and is redeemable at any Progressive Field concession stand or Team Shop.


Outfit your group with Tribe gear and receive discounts at the Team Shop on group orders. (Discounts only available on the same item.)


Raise funds to support your cause or organization. The more tickets sold, the more money generated to your program.