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In-Market Streaming FAQ

Will I be able to stream Reds games this season?

Yes. If you are a customer of a participating pay-TV provider and receive FOX Sports Ohio as a part of your channel line-up, you will be able to stream FOX Sports Ohio's Reds telecasts on FOX Sports GO.

Can I stream Reds telecasts starting opening day?

Yes, you will be able to stream Reds telecasts on FOX Sports GO assuming you are a customer of a participating pay-TV provider and receive FOX Sports Ohio as part of your subscription.

How will it work and how much will it cost?

If a Reds game is being televised on FOX Sports Ohio, it will also be available on FOX Sports GO. To stream games, users will need to verify their credentials by Signing In with their pay-TV provider's User ID and Password. There is no additional charge to use FOX Sports GO.

How about Spring Training telecasts?

Yes, you will also be able to stream all Reds Spring Training games that air on FOX Sports Ohio. There are eight games that will be televised in February and March.

How can I access FOX Sports GO?

FOX Sports Go is currently available for iPhones, iPads and Apple TV; Android and Android TV; Amazon FireTV, Stick and Kindle Fire; Chromecast; Xbox One; and Windows phones. It is also available online at Fans can download the mobile app for free from the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Windows Store or by visiting

Why do I need to sign in?

FOX Sports GO is an extension of your pay-TV service that you get at home. FOX Sports GO allows viewers to watch on best available screen - at home or on the go.

Which other pay-TV providers participate in FOX Sports GO?

Every major pay-TV provider participates in FOX Sports GO. Please visit for a full list of participating pay-TV providers.

What if I don't have my pay-TV provider credentials or I forgot them?

Contact your pay-TV provider to retrieve your username and password.

FOX Sports GO isn't working. What can I do?

You can contact us on Twitter @FOXSportsGOHelp or visit

**For all other questions, please review our FAQ page on