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Rockies Fantasy Camp


Imagine being signed by the Colorado Rockies. Imagine walking into the clubhouse, seeing your locker, your uniform, your name.

The excitement starts with "pre-season" preparation at Coors Field followed by travel to Scottsdale, Arizona for "season play."

Clinics and practices at the Rockies Spring Training facility at Salt River Fields prepare you for five days of Major League excitement as your team competes for the championship title.

Along the way, exchange coaching strategies with the Fantasy Camp coaching staff.

Cap your stay with a chance to face Major League veterans in the annual Fantasy Camp Coaches vs. Campers game. It is sure to fulfill your baseball fantasy.

Whether a gift to yourself or to another, Rockies Fantasy Camp is a terrific idea for any Major League fan.

Package includes:
  • Five days and four nights in Phoenix
  • Double occupancy hotel accommodations
  • Authentic personalized Rockies uniforms
  • Daily camp collectibles
  • Photography Package
  • Official clubhouse and training staff
  • 2019 Coors Field Clubhouse Event
  • Reunion Event at Coors Field in 2020
  • Personalized Baseball Cards

Check out our frequently asked questions for further details. For more information, please call 303-312-CAMP or email us at

Past Fantasy Camp Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp?
A: The Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp is a 5-day baseball camp for men and women over 21 years of age. The Fantasy Camp takes place January 28 - February 1, 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Colorado Rockies Spring Training home of Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Participants will spend the week playing, practicing and talking baseball under the instruction of your Colorado Rockies Alumni. A unique aspect of the Rockies Camp, not available at any other MLB Fantasy Camps, is its availability of the current Minor League and Major League Coaching Staff as well as a current roster Major League player. Physical activity is required.

Q: Is the Rockies Camp for Colorado residents only?
A: No. Rockies fans from all over the country and from as far away as England and Australia have attended.

Q: I am a Camp Rookie, what can I expect for the $4,495 Camp cost?
A: In short, the Rockies take care of most everything: round trip airfare; double occupancy hotel accommodations at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort; ground transportation; breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily; evening social activities; complete Major League authentic uniforms; Major League coaching, training & Clubhouse Staff; Major League still photography & video; daily gifts & more.

Gifts include: Hotel gift, Draft Day gift, Day 2 gift, Day 3 gift, Banquet gift, Departure Day gift, Fantasy Camp Summer Reunion Event day with Camp USB, personalized baseball cards & more!

Q: I am a Camp Alumnus, what can I expect for the $4,495 Camp cost?
A: Everything listed above for Camp Rookies, including a new Major League authentic uniform; an exclusive Camp Alumni Reception and gift. Additionally, you are eligible for a Camp Alumni discount. In years 2-5 you will receive a $100 discount and in years 6 and up you will receive a $250 discount.

Q: Can I bring along my family or friends?
A: Yes. The Colorado Rockies are a family organization and Fantasy Camp is a family event! All guests are welcome. Our VIP Fan Experience is also available for guests. This includes a hotel room, round trip airfare and access to all Camp hospitality as well as an exclusive gift for your guest is available. The VIP Fan Experience is available for $1,500.

Drop-in guests of Fantasy Camp are welcome but do require a Camp credential. All members of our traveling party will be credentialed at Salt River Fields, including: Campers, VIP Camp Experience guests, Staff, Salt River Fields umpires, grounds crew & more. Please notify us prior to Camp of any expected daily guests.

Q: What is the weather like in Scottsdale, Arizona? How should I pack?
A: Average temperatures in Arizona during February can range from highs in the 70's to lows in the 40's. Mornings and evenings will be cool. Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp is a casual week. This is your baseball vacation. You will be tired and you will want to be comfortable as you travel to Salt River Fields in the morning and also in the evening. Your locker will include the Authentic MLB Rockies uniform, undershirts, long-sleeved shirts, batting gloves and more to keep you warm. Evening activities are casual as well. Appropriate denim or khakis are more than adequate. The banquet is not overly formal. Slacks or business casual denim and button-down shirts for gentlemen are preferred. Sport coats and ties are optional. Ladies may choose to wear a dress or skirt. Keep in mind this is your baseball vacation. Don't stress over your wardrobe.

Q: Are meals provided?
A: Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily at the Salt River Fields dining room. Dinners will be provided every evening at either Salt River Fields or the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in conjunction with the scheduled evening social activity.

Baseball-Related Questions

Q: What is the Camp team format & game schedule / how many games are on the Fantasy Camp schedule?
A: Every year we hope for at least 6 teams of 12-13 players. Contingent on participants, teams will play 5 games in each Division to determine the Championship Game teams. Scheduled is a short "tryout", 5 league games, an abbreviated "Consolation Game", Championship Game as well as a separate Campers vs. the Coaches/Staff.

Q: How are teams formed? May I make a request to play with a fellow Camper?
A: During dinner on Opening Day the Camp Coaching Staff will convene a draft based upon scouting of the activities from earlier in the day. Teams will be announced and league play will begin immediately with a night game on Opening Day in our newly formed Divisions and teams.

Campers playing with family members may request to be drafted together and every opportunity to accommodate will be made. Other requests of friends traveling together will be considered. All requests should be made ahead of Camp. All decisions regarding draft requests are at the discretion of the Coaching Staff & Commissioner.

Q: What equipment do I need to bring?
A: All you will need is your glove, shoes and personal items. (Please remember personal protective equipment). You may bring your own personal wood bats. This is a Major League experience and no aluminum bats are permitted. Professional wood bats and composite wood bats are provided. Please be aware of TSA security and airline baggage policies regarding travel with any bats you may bring to your Camp experience.

Team bat bags with donuts, weighted bats, pine tar and more are available in each dugout. Team double ear flap helmet bags including multiple common sizes (S, M, L, XL, and XXL) are available in each dugout. Team catcher's bags including shin guards with knee savers, chest protectors, catchers gloves (L & R) and hockey style catcher's masks are available in each dugout.

** Please do not remove playing equipment provided by Camp from dugouts at any time. Equipment bags all contain the same equipment assortment and should not be moved from field to field as a comfort to an individual player. Baseball is a team sport. Please help our Operations Staff as they sort and ensure proper equipment supplies before each game begins. Baseballs are available for purchase if you have autograph needs. Please do not remove any baseballs from the equipment bags provided so we have a proper supply in all cage, mound and clinic areas.

Q: Equipment follow-up; can I bring my metal spikes?
A: As stated in Camp materials, Rockies Camp is a no spikes Camp. This is no different than the great majority of MLB Fantasy Camps. Safety is our most important concern. Please consider your own safety and that of your other Campers and leave your metal spikes at home.

General Questions

Q: What hotel is Camp using? How are roommates selected, is there a private room option?
A: The Scottsdale Plaza Resort will host Fantasy Camp and is a proud partner for all of the Colorado Rockies team needs in Scottsdale, Arizona. The commute to the ballpark is approximately :15 minutes.

Fantasy Camp is a double occupancy experience. The Rockies Special Events staff will honor roommate requests but otherwise will assign roommates to the best of our abilities based on Camp experience and other factors. Single room accommodations are available on a limited basis and are an additional cost of $800.

Q: Is there a discount available for purchasing my own Camp flight or traveling on my own by car?
A: No. Please allow the Colorado Rockies to book all transportation needs for your Fantasy Camp experience. We understand many folks prefer to use certain airlines and may have the ability to take advantage of ground transportation or even a miles program for their transportation needs. Unfortunately, discounting our experience is not available.

Q: Do I need a rental car for other travel?
A: No. During Camp, 49-passenger buses will make ample and multiple scheduled loops during all common transport times. All hospitality is provided through Camp at Salt River Fields or the Scottsdale Plaza Resort and alternative travel needs to meals and the like should not be necessary.

Q: Is there an organized car pool to Denver International Airport?
A: No. However, if you have interest an opportunity to carpool please contact us and we can share information for other local Campers that may be in a similar situation and desire to carpool for the week at Fantasy Camp.

Q: Will I have other expenses during Camp?
A: Yes. Your expenses will likely come from 3 areas:

Retail - there will be plenty of opportunity to purchase Rockies and Fantasy Camp memorabilia such as polos, tees, sweatshirts, jackets and more. Official Major League Baseball and Cubes will be available as well for autographing requests throughout the week. In addition, you will be able to purchase photography & more. You can use your credit card for these purchases.

Kangaroo Court - this baseball tradition will be held 3 times during the week and is the opportunity for us all to laugh with each other as fines are given for "improper" baseball conduct and more. Proceeds from Kangaroo Court are shared amongst all the Operations Staff as a "gratuity" for their services during the week.

Clubhouse Dues - Coaches will provide envelopes for teams to collect their cash dues for the week. Team/Player envelopes will be will be split among all Fantasy Camp Operations Staff members. Individual Camper/player recommendations are $20/day approximate per player. Clubhouse dues can be considered a gratuity or as a "resort fee" for traditional services rendered on a daily basis by your Fantasy Camp staff: Training Room Services, Clubhouse and Laundry Services, MLB Camp Videography & Still Photography, Event Operations & Cleaning Services, Daily Diamond Newsletters, Game Equipment & other Baseball Gear. Services Camp participants can look forward to at Salt River Fields are the use of the Salt River Fields many facilities and fields, the Salt River Fields dining room and staff, as well as the Keli S. McGregor Training Facility and Major League Strength Staff, Salt River Fields internet access, locking personal lockers and more.