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Contact the A's

By Phone

Main: (510) 638-4900

Groups, Suites:
(510) 638-Go A's (4627)

Membership Services:
(510) 568-5600

Community Programs & Participation:
(510) 563-2221

By Mail

To write to the A's via standard postal mail, send correspondence to the following address:

Oakland Athletics
7000 Coliseum Way
Oakland, CA 94621

By Email

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Membership Services:

Gameday Guest Services

Community Programs & Participation

Additional Resources

Purchase Single Game Tickets
(877) 493-2255 Customer Service:
(800) 352-0212

Merchandise or Shop Questions
Questions on merchandise purchased online

Phone Number:
(844) 760-4052

Email here »

Questions on merchandise purchased at the Coliseum

Phone Number:
(510) 563-2289


Radio or Television Questions
Questions on games broadcast on the web

Phone Number:
(866) 800-1275


Questions on games broadcast on the radio or TV

Phone Number:
(510) 563-2269


Coliseum Information

A-Z Guide

Looking for specific details on how things work at the Oakland Coliseum? Our A-Z Guide can answer your questions! Regular season games information only.

Getting to Oakland Coliseum

Are you planning a visit Oakland Coliseum? Let us help you prepare for your trip. Oakland Coliseum is located at 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA 94621.