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Redbird Rookies

To have your organization considered as a host for a Redbird Rookies league please email us at


Redbird Rookies

Redbird Rookies provides children with uniforms and all necessary equipment to play baseball and softball. Redbird Rookies coaches and league organizers take part in training sessions that teach innovative coaching and character-building techniques that are essential to each participant's growth. Parents are also involved in learning as they participate in courses that share how to encourage and support their children through positive reinforcement.


Group of Redbird Rookies kids posing with their Gold Glove Award cards

Redbird Rookies support extends off-field with activities developed to support children in the areas of health, education, cultural arts, mentorship and scholarship. Health and reading initiatives are supported by the Centene Charitable Foundation.


Redbird Rookies Coaches Clinic – May 1, 2021

Redbird Rookies Alumni Clinic – May 25, 2021

Redbird Rookies