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  • The National Museum of the American Indian is a Smithsonian Institution and is committed to bringing Native voices to what the museum writes and presents. The NMAI is also dedicated to acting as a resource for the hemisphere's Native communities and to serving the greater public as an honest and thoughtful conduit to Native cultures—present and past—in all their richness, depth, and diversity.
  • As part of the NMAI, Native Knowledge 360* (NK360°) provides educators and students with new perspectives on Native American history and cultures. Most Americans have only been exposed to part of the story, as told from a single perspective through the lenses of popular media and textbooks. NK360° provides educational materials, virtual student programs, and teacher training that incorporate Native narratives, more comprehensive histories, and accurate information to enlighten and inform teaching and learning about Native America. NK360° challenges common assumptions about Native peoples and offers a view that includes not only the past but also the vibrancy of Native peoples and cultures today.
  • National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is a non-profit organization is the oldest, largest, and most representative American Indian and Alaska Native organization serving the broad interests of tribal governments and communities. It advocates for a bright future for generations to come by taking the lead to gain consensus on a constructive and promising vision for Indian Country. The organization’s policy issues and initiatives are driven by the consensus of a diverse membership, which consists of American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments, tribal citizens, individuals, and Native and non-Native organizations.
  • The Reclaiming Native Truth (RNT) Project was an unprecedented two-year research and strategy setting initiative from 2016 to 2018. Its findings, released in July 2018, resulted in comprehensive data and learning about the challenges and opportunities that Native Americans face in educating Americans and changing public perceptions.
  • The National Indian Education Association’s mission is to advance comprehensive, culture-based educational opportunities for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. The organization’s Virtual Resources for Schools, Teachers, Parents and Students provides a number of helpful resources, lessons and tasks, professional development for educators, literacy resources and much more.
  • The Cleveland Indigenous Coalition consists of four Northeast Ohio Native American organizations: The American Indian Movement of Ohio, The Committee of 500 Years of Dignity & Resistance, the Lake Erie Native American Council, and the Lake Erie Professional Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.
    - Committee of 500 Years of Dignitiy & Resistence
    - Lake Eric Native American Council (LENAC)
    - The American Indian Movement of Ohio (AIM of Ohio)
    - Lake Erie Professional Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society