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2021 Birdland Rewards FAQ

What are Birdland Rewards?

As a valued Birdland Member, Birdland Rewards gives you the ability to access and experience unique and exclusive opportunities not available to the general public. You can customize your experience as a Birdland Member by choosing which rewards mean the most to you.

Who is eligible to join Birdland Rewards?

All Birdland Members are enrolled for free upon purchase of their 2021 Birdland Membership (formerly known as Season Plan Membership). Birdland Memberships are available at Diamond Level (81 games), Black Level (29 games), and Orange Level (13 games).

How many points do I have? Can I earn more points?

Every Birdland Member automatically earns points based on their membership purchase. You can also earn additional points by attending games, participating in polls, and using bonus codes.

New Members in 2021, earn 50 points for every $50 spent on their Birdland Membership. All renewing Members received a seniority bonus which has been automatically added to their account.

What rewards are available to me?

A variety of exclusive members-only rewards are available including exclusive items, virtual experiences, and ballpark experiences.

Browse the “Rewards” tab of your account for a full list. Also, make sure you check the first Wednesday of the month for new rewards to be added throughout the 2021 season.

I redeemed my points for a reward. What is next?

You will receive a confirmation email with more information. If you redeemed for an event or experience more information will be communicated by email closer to the event date. If you redeemed for a marketplace item, your confirmation email will give you details on how and when you can pick your item in 2021.

Please make sure you read the full description of the reward before redeeming as some rewards have restrictions or may not be available for immediate pickup.

How can I tell if I’ve earned more points?

You can go to the “Activity” tab in your account profile to see all your transactions including earning points and cashing them in for a reward.

Will more rewards be added throughout the season?

Some new reward options will be added monthly. In addition, sweepstakes and auctions will be added regularly throughout the season for access to exclusive events and experiences. You can check for these opportunities through the “Auctions” and “Sweepstakes” tabs in your Birdland Rewards accounts.

We encourage Members to use their points early as most rewards are subject to availability.

If I bid on an auction, are my points deducted?

If you bid on an auction, your bid amount will be temporarily deducted from your points balance until you are outbid by another Birdland Member. If you win the auction, those points will be permanently deducted from your points balance and you will be contacted by an Orioles Representative. If you do not win the auction, your points will be returned to your account.

I was a Birdland Member in 2020, what happened with my points from last season?

Due to the circumstances, Birdland Rewards was extended from 2020 into 2021! All Birdland Members who kept their account active will retain the points they earned in 2020 and can redeem them in 2021, as they will not expire until the conclusion of the 2021 regular season.

What if I don't use my points? Can they roll over to next season?

Points must be used by the end of the season and will expire on October 31, 2021.

Your points are non-transferable and may not be offered for sale.

How can I contact someone with questions about Birdland Rewards?

You can reach our Member Services team at or 410-547-6161.