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Dietary Restrictions

Vegetarian Options

Vegetarian options can be found throughout Tropicana Field. Our classic nachos and cheese, pretzels and popcorn are vegetarian-friendly and available at most concession stands. There are featured vegetarian options at several locations around the stadium:

Featured Vegetarian Friendly Locations

Gluten-Free Options

At Tropicana Field, Ballpark & Rec and all concession stands in the First & Third Base Food Halls offer Udi's Gluten-Free Hamburger & Hotdog Rolls upon request as a replacement to traditional hamburger and hot dog rolls. To go along with your gluten-free entrée, as a gluten-free alcoholic beverage option, Angry Orchard, gluten-free cider and seltzer options are available at TB Brews, Fresh Vine Wine, Cooperstown Cocktails, Budweiser Porch, Vinfielder, and Thirst & Second.

Featured Gluten-Free Friendly Locations