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50/50 Charity Raffle


Through the Rays Baseball Foundation 50/50 Charity Raffle, one lucky fan will walk away with a cash prize. Fans in the State of Florida* can purchase tickets online or purchase at Tropicana Field at Rays home games.

* Open to all persons who are located in the State of Florida (excluding Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties) and eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry. All expenses associated with the raffle will be borne by the Rays Baseball Foundation. See official raffle rules.

Please check @RaysCommunity Twitter for a daily update on the 50/50 winner in real-time! Please check @RaysCommunity Twitter for a daily update on the 50/50 winner in real-time!

The winning ticket holder will have 10 days to contact to claim the prize.

Game Winning Ticket Total Raised
May 16 vs. Mets R-4330253 $13,810
May 15 vs. Mets R-1867201 $12,953
May 14 vs. Mets R-6477018 $10,979
May 13 vs. Yankees R-5464704 $12,529
May 12 vs. Yankees R-6831393 $8,942
May 11 vs. Yankees R-6850639 $8,400
May 2 vs. Astros R-2346206 $9,685
May 1 vs. Astros R-5733477 $7,631
April 30 vs. Astros R-2514417 $6,640
April 29 vs. Athletics R-5764114 $3,818
April 28 vs. Athletics R-7123245 $3,730
April 27 vs. Athletics R-7398507 $3,688
April 26 vs. Athletics R-8225776 $4,200
April 25 vs. Bluejays R-8098767 $10,156
April 24 vs. Bluejays R-1266049 $8,509
April 23 vs. Bluejays R-2866634 $4,691
April 15 vs. Rangers A-5472257 $2,516
April 14 vs. Rangers A-2787461 $2,380
April 13 vs. Rangers A-7316935 $2,469
April 12 vs. Rangers A-4356125 $2,418
April 11 vs. Yankees A-5297820 $6,252
April 10 vs. Yankees A-1812042 $3,842
April 9 vs. Yankees A-6091691 $5,661