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Scoreboard Messages

Make your trip to Tropicana Field memorable while donating to a good cause!

Commemorate a special event, birthday or anniversary by displaying a message on the Tropicana Field scoreboard during the middle of the third inning at a Rays home game! Scoreboard messages can now be reserved online with a donation to the Rays Baseball Foundation.

Your donation must be made prior to announcement. Your credit card will be charged upon approval of the message.

Please check back later for information about 2021 marriage proposals.

Main Board



Happy Birthday • Happy Anniversary
Welcome • Congratulations

Main Board messages for any game are a donation of $100. A copy of the scoreboard message can be made available upon request to Please allow one week processing time for any requests. *Visibility of Main Board messages may be limited in some sections including portions of the right field.

Party Deck Board



Happy Birthday • Happy Anniversary
Welcome • Congratulations

Party Deck Board messages for any game are a donation of $50. *Visibility of Party Deck Board messages may be limited in some sections including portions of the left field.

Marriage Proposals on Main Board


Show your love on the big screen! Marriage proposal package includes a live camera shot of you both, a dozen roses delivered to your seat by the Ray Team, and a digital video of the moment to share with friends and family (please allow two weeks for video processing). Donation is $500. Only one marriage proposal will be allowed per game. The inning a marriage proposal is scheduled varies by game and is subject to change. Once a marriage proposal is ordered, the buyer will be contacted by a Rays representative letting them know if their proposal is approved for that game.

Proceeds from the scoreboard message program benefit the Rays Baseball Foundation.

Ordering Information

There is a limited number of messages available each game. Space is limited, so order your scoreboard message today.

Ordering Deadlines

Scoreboard Message requests must be submitted no later than midnight the day prior to the date of the game. No messages will be accepted for same day of game. All marriage proposals must be purchased two weeks before the game date, no exceptions will be made.

Message Content

The Tampa Bay Rays reserve the right to edit any message if necessary. Messages that are obscene, offensive, include foul language or mention any other Major League Baseball organization will not be accepted.

Available Dates

If you do not see the game listed, you have missed the deadline to order online. Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received, and will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive e-mail confirmation shortly after the close of the submission period to confirm your order.

Message Display

Scoreboard messages will appear during the middle of the third inning. Marriage proposal innings vary per game. Purchasers will be notified in advance of the inning.

Message Length

Messages can be up to 75 characters or less including spaces and punctuation.